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Jessie James

Monday, 10 November 2008


Well it is a very wet Monday here with a weekend that has just never stopped raining. I thought this morning we would wake up to blue skies - well last time I think I can tell you. It has been a steady down pour for most of the night and guess what! - it's still coming down.
Oh well what is a bit of rain - ask my dogs. They were very unhappy to go out this morning and Lizzie decided she would use the patio for her business not some wet grass. So once again she is in the 'dog box'. (Please read that as on my daughters bed sleeping)

The weather got me to thinking how it never used to rain when I was a kid! Did it rain when you were young? I mean I must have grown up in drought conditions in Scotland in the 50's, although I have tried to research this phenomenon on the web and they have a total lack of information on it. Really a big gap that needs filling.

Sure we had snow in winter and in fact I remember walking on the local 'burn' which was frozen over and there was a really sneaky thin patch and of course it moved to under my feet and I slipped through into the icy depths below. It doesn't matter that it was only six inches deep after my clothes soaked up the water, it was cold and did I get it from my mother when she walked down to find out where I was. It was only a thin walking stick she had and there was no child abuse involved just a good belt and then get hame tae that warm bath and the fire.

No Scotland definitely was dryer than South Africa and Gauteng in particular is today!!!! In fact if it doesn't improve I may just have to emigrate to the Dessert


Denise said...

LOL Jessie, I know how you feel! I think my feet are turning into flippers! But it is good for our dry gardens!

Jaqi said...

Oh what a lovely memory , My best memory of bad weather was that one day i went to school in open toe sandals as the weather was mild but dry.
However once i school ( I was about 6 at the time) the weather was terrible, really heavy rain and then even heavier snow. The snow was very deep by lunchtime.
Now my grandmother only lived one block away from the school so I went there every day for my lunch. Not far from my home ( I lived in a post office) was a shoe shop.
As the weather got steadily worse my grandmother walked to my house to get new wellington boots that my mam had been and bought in haste from the nearby shoe shop.
Grandma came and met me from school armed with brand new wellington boots.
The walk to grandmas that lunchtime was a long one for one reason and one reason only..................you see the wellington boots were tied together with a piece of string 4 inches long ! So my stride was somewhat restricted.
I have laughed about this for years and to this day cant for the life of me understand why my grandma didnt just borrow some scissors from the teacher to cut the string ! I hope you get the picture. I can still remember it as if it was yesterday LOL . Jaqi x